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皆様、こんにちは。hololive DEV_ISプロデュースチームです。




前回記事にて記載させていただいた通り、hololive DEV_ISは従来のVTuber活動に加え、何か一つの内容に特化した新たな"挑戦"をユニット単位で行い、皆様と共に"成長"していくことをテーマにしたグループとなっています。







ReGLOSS’s “Challenge”

Hello, everyone! This is the hololive DEV_IS Production Team.

First, we would like to announce that the hit song “Shunkan Heartbeat“ has reached 2.5 million views!
Thank you to all of our fans who took the time to listen!

A month has already passed since ReGLOSS’s debut on September 10th. The days leading up to the debut have been quite eventful: preparation for each individual talent’s debut, production of “Shunkan Heartbeat”, planning and reviewing content for ReGLOSS’s official channel, etc. 
Through trial and error, we have been hard at work forging a future through which ReGLOSS can continue to shine brightly in the eyes of our fans.
We will continue working with our talents to deliver memorable content in the days to come.

In this issue, we would like to further elaborate on the “challenges” ReGLOSS will need to face, as well as details regarding their upcoming projects.

In our previous article, we mentioned that hololive DEV_IS is a group that, in addition to standard VTuber activities, will endeavor to take on new “challenges” as a fortified unit with the ultimate goal of “growing” together alongside our fans.

The areas in which ReGLOSS will “challenge” themselves and demonstrate “growth” will primarily focus on “singing and dancing.”

In terms of singing, look no further than the vocal content of their debut song, “Shunkan Heartbeat”, and their first song cover, “REALiZE”, with a second planned single and other new works in the pipeline.


REALiZE / LiSA covered by ReGLOSS 【歌ってみた / hololive DEV_IS】

Speaking of song covers, please look forward to a variety of content ranging from group tracks to specific pair combinations, all scheduled for release this November! 

And when it comes to dancing, we are currently considering showcasing 3D models for ReGLOSS that will tie in with their upcoming activities and projects. Each member, while adhering to their singing rehearsal, will also be taking part in dance lessons to help prepare for their 3D unveiling.

Further details on the dancing content unfortunately cannot be shared at this time, but rest assured that these hard-working talents will strive to “grow” and take on “challenges” on the path to their first 3D performance.
Our staff will be there to support them along the way, and we hope that you will do the same.

Finally, we would like to offer our deepest gratitude for the overwhelming support towards ReGLOSS, from their initial debut and beyond. We will do our utmost to help ensure that they deliver more enjoyable content in the days to come.
Thank you very much for your continued support.