holo Indie – Independent Video Game Development Meets hololive

Hello, everyone. Greetings from the holo Indie development team.
Now, some of you may be asking yourself: “what is holo Indie?”

holo Indie is hololive production’s official brand license for derivative works as video game adaptations using the intellectual properties of the hololive universe, under our Game Creator Support Program.

Today, we would like to share more about holo Indie and bring it further into the spotlight!
Join us as we explore the origins of this project and sneak some peeks into future development.

From a rundown of the application process to digital distribution, as well as a tantalizing Q&A session for curious minds – all this and more await! Continue reading to find out more.

◆ What is holo Indie?

holo Indie is hololive production’s official brand license for derivative works as video game adaptations using the intellectual properties of the hololive universe, under our Game Creator Support Program.

Our primary goals are as follows:

  • Foster an ecosystem where video game creators can see a return on their efforts, providing support every step of the way.

  • Create opportunities to bring a wide variety of hololive video game adaptations to as many fans as possible.

  • Grow and expand alongside hololive production through ambitious endeavors with fans and creators.

Video game development is both time-consuming and expensive.
Passion alone is sometimes not enough, even for intellectual property as inspiring as hololive.

And so, we launched the Game Creator Support Program: a means to offer support for creative activities based on hololive adaptations.
Creators can submit their video game projects to the holo Indie team through the corresponding application form, and if they pass our review process, they will be made available as official holo Indie video games. 

The first title under this banner, HoloParade, is now available on Steam.
Please feel free to check it out if you haven’t already!
(And thank you to those who have already played!)


Developer: Roboqlo
Steam Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2647230/HoloParade/

▼ About This Game
HoloParade is a single-player 2D tower defense game where the goal is to collect, nurture, and enjoy watching over 65 of your favorite hololive production VTubers come to your aid in hilarious and engaging
battles against hordes of aggressive yet adorable adversaries.
Immediately after its initial announcement, HoloParade became a hot topic among hololive fans, exceeding 100,000 downloads within the first month of release! Still breaking records and going strong, it has quickly become a fan favorite of players across the globe. 

We are also planning to reveal the second and third official holo Indie releases, so stay tuned for future announcements!

◆ Origins of holo Indie

Online video game storefront Steam was what helped to initially kickstart the idea for holo Indie.

The early summer of 2023 saw the release of two influential games on Steam: Idol Showdown and HoloCure. Featuring VTuber talents from hololive production, these adaptations quickly became the talk of the Internet through social media and other platforms. The holo Indie team also took an interest and found both titles to be very intriguing and high-quality creations. It meant a lot to us knowing that not only did hololive talents thoroughly enjoy the content, but above all else, seeing that hololive fans seemed to be impressed with what these games had to offer.

▼Idol Showdown

Developer: Besto Game Team
Steam Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1742020/Idol_Showdown/

▼HoloCure - Save the Fans!

Developer: KayAnimate
Steam Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2420510/HoloCure__Save_the_Fans/

Granting approval and licensing rights for derivative works can at times be difficult for companies due to the need to protect copyrights and intellectual properties. However, it was impossible to ignore how much love and attention went into making these games – how beloved they had become with fans in Japan and around the world.
It was those thoughts that spurred us to take this direction.

A strong relationship of trust has been built up between hololive production and our fans over the years.

With such a sturdy foundation, we needed only take action.
Quickly establishing the guidelines and team structure necessary to move forward, we were at long last able to proudly announce the Guidelines for Derivative Works and Game Creator Support Program in November 2023.

◆ Future Projects

holo Indie is still in its infancy, but we plan to fully swing into action in 2024.

The first items on the menu will be the upcoming second and third installments under the holo Indie banner, to be announced in the near future.
But that’s not all, of course! Please look forward to an even more expansive library coming down the pipeline.

As for what happens further down the road, we are considering new ways to support creators, as well as participation in major events and showcases. More to come on that at a later date.

The holo Indie team will continue to work with game developers to co-create hololive content and keep the fire burning in the hearts of hololive fans.

Expect more and more support for these creators going forward as they utilize their ideas to help us expand the world of hololive production. We look forward to working with all of you!

◆ Creative Talent Wanted! (For Aspiring Creators) 

holo Indie is currently accepting submissions for video games based on the hololive IP!

We are willing to review any content, regardless of genre, that can be distributed on Steam, from charming mini-games to large-scale projects.
What matters most to us is your love and fervor for hololive!

▼ Message to Creators

The response to our announcement of holo Indie went above and beyond our expectations.
A wonderful and most welcome surprise, of course – who knew that indie games were so popular! 

We are happy to report that we have received more applications than anticipated!
Unfortunately, the high volume of submissions has affected the response time to inquiries and notification of screening results.
We sincerely apologize for these delays in correspondence.

In an effort to more expediently respond to inquiries, we are taking your feedback to heart by increasing the number of team members and making other improvements so that each and every one of your submissions can receive the time and attention that they deserve.
Once again, we express our sincerest thanks to every applicant thus far. The overwhelming love that is apparent in each submission always leaves us looking forward to more!

Please continue sending in your submissions – the charm of hololive is too precious to be kept away from the gaming community.
No matter how simple the concept or in-game mechanics, passion for hololive is the only requirement for eligibility!
We look forward to seeing what your minds can conjure.

▶holo Indie Application Form◀

▼ Features of holo Indie

  1. Increasing opportunities for marketing catered towards hololive talents and fans.

  2. Receiving support through the Game Creator Support Banner Program.

  3. Generating revenue (if so desired) upon passing screening.

  4. Establishing a communication channel with our team for inquiries and assistance.

▼ Reap the Rewards! Projects Into Profit! 

Any and all works under holo Indie are distributed through Steam and are therefore eligible to be sold for profit upon passing our screening process for the Guidelines for Derivative Works. Free-to-play releases to the public at no charge are also an option, of course.
A majority of any profits earned through distribution will go to the creator.

▼ Submission Process From A-Z

The following items will help demonstrate the general flow of the application process, from submission to distribution.

1. Click on the link for Guideline for Derivative Works.

2. Click on the link for holo Indie Application Form under the section for “Game Creator Support Program”.

3. Fill out the required fields in the holo Indie Application Form.

4. Wait for the holo Indie team to review your submission and announce your screening results.

5. Successful applicants will be eligible to receive support through the Game Creator Support Program.

6. Discuss and finalize terms and conditions of distribution.
Establish a direct communication channel with the holo Indie team!
Share development schedule, suggestions, etc., between the creators and holo Indie (via Discord).

7. Complete your dream project!
Make preparations to publish through the official holo Indie page on Steam.

8. Release to the public!
Help promote your product alongside holo Indie to fans all around the world.

* Websites and hyperlinks related to the application process are subject to change without notice.


A list of frequently asked questions from November to the present has been compiled from aspiring creators.
Please feel free to use these as a reference for any inquiries you may have regarding holo Indie submissions.

Q. How long does the screening process generally take?
A. Our team sets aside time each time to review submissions.
   Please rest assured that we read and play every game that comes our way, no matter the size!

Q. What is the standard waiting period for receiving screening results?
A. We aim to contact applicants within 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the volume of current submissions.
* We are currently experiencing a high volume of applications at this time, so it may take us longer than 3 to 4 weeks to respond.
Q. Is it difficult to pass the screening process if the game is not considered to be objectively high in quality?
A. Overall quality or volume of content is not at the top of our priority list. Instead, the creator’s love for hololive is much more important to us. As long as that passion is evident, even the smallest and simplest of titles can earn our attention.
In addition, we are more than happy to offer advice and critique regarding potential quality.
More than anything, we want to see people making games related to hololive, so go for it!

Q. Are games that were previously rejected eligible for submission if changes or updates are made?
A. Any submissions that were initially rejected but thereafter updated or changed may potentially pass future screenings.
Don’t give up! Continue perfecting your craft, and feel free to apply again when you feel ready.

Q. Are submissions limited to fully completed games? Do you accept prototypes or incomplete projects?
A. Although we prefer for submissions to be fully completed, there are currently no restrictions on prototypes or incomplete projects. 
However, any submissions to be sold for profit should reach a certain level of quality and completion appropriate for their target prices, so please try to submit works that are completed or in their final stages.

Q.  Will joining the holo Indie brand limit my freedom as a developer?
A.  holo Indie will not interfere with a creator’s personal development preferences. Continue working at your own pace and keep doing what you love.

* Submission guidelines and other material covered in this Q&A are subject to change without notice.