Interview with “holo Indie” creator, Roboqlo

Hello, this is the “holo Indie” team.
Did you read the previous article, Did you know? The hololive fan-made game brand “holo Indie
This article will give all you game creators more information, such as the secrets behind the birth of “holo Indie” and its upcoming plans, so please have a read!

Well then, we will present our interview with Roboqlo, the creator of the first title “HoloParade”!
We’ve asked them about the reason behind the creation of “HoloParade,”  conversations between the “holo Indie” team, and events and reactions that happened during the release of the game.  

“holo Indie” is the brand name for fan-produced games using hololive production’s talents which uses “game creator support programs.” 

holo Indie Official site: https://ccmc-corp.com/en/holoindie/
holo Indie Official X:https://twitter.com/holoindie_ccmc

The first released title “HoloParade” developed by Roboqlo, is currently on Steam. Surprisingly, it is also Roboqlo’s first game that they have released.
We have asked about the series of events leading up to the release of “HoloParade,” the encounters with “holo Indie,” and their plans for the future.


creator who paints pictures and makes games
X(@roboqlo) https://twitter.com/roboqlo


Developer: Roboqlo
Steam Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2647230/HoloParade/

▼ About This Game
“HoloParade” is a single-player 2D tower defense game with over 65 VTubers and mascot characters from hololive production that is fun to collect, strengthen, or just look at.
Just after the game's announcement, it became a hot topic amongst hololive production, and reached 100,000 downloads within a month of its release! It is constantly being updated and played by many of hololive's fans.

◆The start of being a creator after becoming a working adult

Roboqlo had always liked creating things. Currently a creator, Roboqlo started learning game development and illustrations only after they had started working.

Thank you for allowing us to interview you!
For starters, could you share with us what you have done up till now and your jobs in the past?

“HoloParade” is actually the very first game I made public. Before I became a creator, I was working as a system development leader in the IT department of a company. It was a company that gathered many brilliant talents from all over the world and allowed me to gain many valuable experiences. Apart from technical skills, I also learned a lot about project start-ups and advancements, and I believe the experiences from there led me to release “HoloParade successfully.”

Through this company, I gained an interest in game development. Back then, I created original titles rather than fan-made works. A couple of publishing companies contacted me, but my job had taken up much of my time, and I stopped developing the game midway. Since then, I had not created games for a long time, until three years ago. When I finally freed up time, I started learning illustrations.

Three years back, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yes. Since we had to work from home, it gave me the liberty to use all of my free time to learn how to draw. I posted my drawings on social media and could see my drawings getting better. As more people reacted to my drawings, the stronger my feelings of becoming a creator became, the more I started to seriously think about where I could utilize my strengths to their maximum. However, just doing illustrations alone was difficult for me realistically speaking, in terms of my ability and situation.

At that time, in order to brush up my illustration skills, I requested Mr. Lack-sensei(@lalalalack) to correct my illustrations. I asked him about my future path, and he told me, “Since you have illustration and game development skills, you shouldn’t just do illustrations, but use both skills together effectively.” With those words as my support, I put that plan into action and started developing “HoloParade” in September of 2022.

It’s amazing how your first game is “HoloParade”!
Since you’ve created original games previously, why did you choose to create a game based on “hololive”? 

It’s been 3 years since I took up illustration as a hobby, but I had already known of hololive before then. I kept drawing a bunch of hololive fanart, too. The reason why I chose hololive as the base of my game, is of course because I love hololive! (lol) In addition, I think it’s also because hololive is a huge worldwide community. There are so many fans, and having many people play my game would lead to new opportunities.

Your love for hololive is very evident in “HoloParade”!  “HoloParade” is being played by fans throughout the world, which is exactly what you had aimed for.
What was the reason behind it being the first release under “holo Indie”?

Let me see. Actually, I was the one who contacted COVER Corporation, the management of hololive. I got a reply from my current person-in-charge, who wanted to speak to me face-to-face.

“holo Indie” In-charge:
We also wanted to get in touch with Roboqlo, but we got a contact from them first. My immediate thought was, “Yes, definitely!” When we got their contact, “holo Indie” was still in its planning stage. As we had meetings with Roboqlo, we were able to learn the frank opinions of creators and what they wanted. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that those words were what made “holo Indie.” They are a very reassuring presence.

◆A development that comes from being a massive fan of hololive

Please tell us what you paid special attention to with the development of “HoloParade.”

I put the most effort into a game design that would bring the most out of hololive’s charm. Firstly, not only the talents but also the viewer’s mascots are full of charming characters. Also, the talents’ live streams are not one-sided. The interactions with the viewers make a wholesome environment and a lively and fun space. The result I came up with from infusing the “many charming characters” and “lively environment” into one screen resulted in a 2D tower defense game with pop visuals. Of course, I had to put jokes that fans could understand and laughable ones. After all, I am another big fan of “hololive,” so I had to squeeze everything I love about hololive into the game!

It is truly a game that you were able to create because you are a big fan. “HoloParade” does have an energetic feeling similar to the talents’ live streams! (lol)

If we’re talking about parts I paid special attention to, there’s another good example... There is a minigame in “HoloParade” called “HurryUP! Mikochi!” where I reenacted the live stream interactions between Sakura Miko and her viewers ”35P (pronounced Mikopi).” I had only thought of this minigame right before the release...
With the approval of everyone on the “holo Indie” team, I added the minigame a week before release, just right before the promotion. As I had created “HoloParade” alone, I could freely add in whatever I thought of and wanted to do. I think that having a spontaneous spirit for development was great.

A little peek at Roboqlo’s creative works (HoloParade)

・Graphic production

Most of the production is done under Clip Studio. Only the final touches are done under Photoshop.

I had to think of how each character moves during the creation, so I came up with the image of each movement and attack beforehand, then started on the graphic production. 

Final copy
I made sure to stay loyal to the original design and not miss out on any important aspects, even as I “deformed” the characters.
As you can see in the layer folders on the bottom right, the layers for every movement for each body part have been separated into each of their respective folders. Each folder contains multiple layers of the linework and rendering. 

・Motion production

The movements and attack motions are made with a software called “Spine.”

・Gameplay production (programming)

I use “Unity” for the game development, and the language is “C#.”
I write about almost 100,000 lines. 
For character additions, once the graphics and motions are done, I programmed beforehand to make it easier to add on character abilities with just Excel format. 
As such, characters with certain specifications do not require new programming, which reduces the workload of implementing over 65 characters for one person.

◆ The decision to become a full-time creator by joining “holo Indie”!

I could sense your overflowing love for hololive and how much fun you had throughout the stages of developing the game! I was extremely surprised at how you added the minigame just a week before the release.  
I'm sure game development isn't always fun, did you have any difficulties or troubles during the process? 

It is tough to create a game alone, but I didn’t really feel too troubled.  As I worked as a creative, I felt that it was my calling, and the stresses from my main job were relieved through creating which gave me a very good work balance. It was a completely different industry from the one I’ve worked in, and I remember it was very refreshing and fun. Being a creative is working towards something from nothing, which allowed me to work in a positive and forward-looking attitude. 

And things that troubled me... I don’t know if this would be considered, but when I presented “HoloParade,” “holo Indie” was not yet a thing. When I was kept in the dark regarding the final verdict of the game, I felt uncertain since it was quite a long period, and the game had already been created. I also couldn’t tell anybody about it until it was announced, so I did feel helpless.

“holo Indie” In-charge:
After Roboqlo contacted us, there had been a couple of meetings, but there was quite a long period when we had to keep it confidential from third parties... At every meeting, Roboqlo would prepare proposals and agendas, and their responses gave me the impression that they were very fitting as a project manager too. I truly felt that I wanted to continue working with them! 

Thank you. (lol)
The “holo Indie” team has also given me much advice from a publisher’s POV.

As this was being released as paid content, there were risks that I couldn’t notice before. COVER Corporation, a company that has had many experiences, was able to point them out to me, which allowed me to focus on game development without worry.  
Also, the “holo Indie” team advised me that I had to be careful not to make expressions that were contrary to the intentions of the talents. 

Because of the consideration towards the talents at hololive, the fans were able to enjoy the game! Since you have mentioned how the “holo Indie” team’s advice has helped you realize certain things, were there other things that you realized, or any influences you have gotten in your creative works through joining the “Holo Indie” team? 

The opinions of people who had played my game held a lot of value to me. 
To have so many people play the game I had designed from start to finish and get their thoughts on it, I feel doesn’t come around often. I was very happy about the positive feedback about the important parts and that my intentions had reached the audience. There was also lots of feedback for improvement, I also realized foundational ideas for game-making, and gives me the confidence to say that I will definitely make more interesting games in the future.

With these experiences, I decided to make game-making my specialty!
Although I am still at the starting line as a creator, I feel that I was given the opportunity to have the best start. 
On top of that, as a fellow hololive fan, I want to keep the spirit of this community constantly fired up. I want to continue making more titles to keep the community in high spirits alongside all the other fans of hololive.

◆A word to those who are planning to join “holo Indie” in the future

We look forward to Roboqlo’s future works! 
Lastly, please give a word to creators planning to join “holo Indie”! 

Hmm... Honestly speaking, there aren’t many disadvantages to joining “holo Indie.” 
If you like hololive and are creating games, joining us would allow more people to play your game, and also gives you opportunities to network with other creators in the future. Although there are difficulties, I recommend those who are creating hololive-related games! 
As someone who has joined “holo Indie,” I feel that the team has a strong mindset of growing together as creators, and I feel that they truly value creators. You can rest assured that they will be sincere in their approach, so don't worry so much. Why not give it a try?

When I was a student, I never did anything relating to game development, and when I started working I was not in this industry. From an objective perspective it is rather late to start working towards being a creator. I was able to get a good start from the opportunities I had landed, I believe that it is never too late to do something, and that the time is right when you want to do it.

Creating a game is not an easy process, but I believe that those who are thinking about it have the desire to give it a try. I hope that all of  you will treasure that desire.  
As with my previous jobs, I believe that putting everything into your work will always lead (or be connected) to something somewhere.

As part of the “holo Indie” team, I hope that Roboqlo’s challenge will spur more creators to join us!
Thank you so much for your time today!

To all you creators out there! Do you want to be a part of “holo Indie”?

The “holo Indie” team is waiting for your Fan-made game submissions!
Like Roboqlo, there is no need for you to have experience with game development. What is important is your love for hololive!
As long as your works are releasable on Steam, it does not matter if it is a minigame, or full game, nor does the genre matter. The “holo Indie” team will review your submissions. 

Please check this article for “holo Indie’s” features and submission process.

▶Game submissions here◀

[Just in] The second release of 3 new titles from “holo Indie”!

For the second release from “holo Indie,” we have 3 new titles “Holo X Break” “WOWOWOW KORONE BOX” and “Miko in Maguma”  to be released on Steam!

Holo X Break

The newest title from the creators of “HoloCure”!
You will control the NePoLaBo members from hololive to stop the ambitions of Secret Society holoX! 
The neverending waves of attacks from the holoX underlings. 
A hectic action game where you make use of weapons and items to reach the goal!

Developer: KayAnimate
Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2719150/Holo_X_Break/

Genre: Side-scrolling style action
Planned release date: March 29, 2024 5pm (UTC+9)
Price: Free
Languages: Japanese, English, Indonesian
Developer’s X:https://twitter.com/HoloCureGame


A fan-made game with Inugami Korone from hololive GAMERS as the main character!
Score points by collecting “Korone Boxes” while battling the neverending waves of enemies and bosses with weapons!

Developer: tian nya
Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2825180/WOWOWOW_KORONE_BOX/

Genre: Top-down shooter
Planned release date: April 12, 2024 5pm (UTC+9)
Price: Free
Languages: Japanese, English
Developer’s X: https://twitter.com/tiannya_

Miko in Maguma

I fell into magma again. Whatever, I’ll just go home for today. 
Play as Sakura Miko from hololive and escape from the magma! 
But in the magma, the “35p” and the other holomems try to stop your escape!?
And if you mess up you’ll start from the beginning!?
A somewhat addictive, somewhat difficult scrolling game!

Developer: frog blend
Steam page:https://store.steampowered.com/app/2877240/Miko_in_Maguma/

Genre: Blood-boiling 2D action
Planned release date: 26th April, 2024 5pm (UTC+9)
Price: Free
Languages: Japanese, English
Developer’s X:https://twitter.com/frog_blend_game

“holo Indie” will continue to produce fan-made games of hololive. Please look forward to them!